The management team consists of people with many years of experience in different fields that form the perfect team, taking MAD to a whole new level.

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Mark Andrew


Our much-loved leader and passion behind the business. Responsible for all MADs great bar and restaurant ideas, which have taken us from one bar to a portfolio operation and growing. Likes telling long jokes whilst drinking champagne. Manchester born and bred.

Jonathan Hawkins


The star of the MAD show and daily driving force behind the business. Wiser than his years. Comedian. Loves the finer things in life, especially drinking Ace of Spades champagne.

Abbie Blasdale

Operations Director

Knows everyone and everything there is to know about the restaurant and bar scene in Manchester – she’s worked for some of the biggest and now the best. Drinks way too much gin and has an award winning dance routine to Nena’s 99 Red Balloons.

Victoria Holmes

Head of Marketing, Design & Print

Always sassy, occasionally savage. Spends all the company money (allegedly). Arnie fan, moon gazer, high class hippy - will never say no to a tequila.

John Dedman

MAD Project Manager

Puts a camp twist to project management and earnt his silver stripes after 10 years working in the Gay Village. Spends his weekends with (in his own words) hunky door men at Hula and loves the drama of the hospitality industry. Of course he does!

Rosalind Haskins

Head of Compliance and Procurement

Been there, done it, got the T-shirt having spent the last decade working in hospitality across the country, which makes her a training and development guru. She has no free time because she spends it all in our venues!

Shelley Carter

Executive Assistant

The eyes, ears, right hand and left hand for Mark and Jon. Mummy. Dog botherer. Guinea Pig cuddler and Eddie Vedder obsessive.

Taylor Lantelli

Junior Graphic Designer

Loves Kanye. Half Italian.

Emma Hazlehurst

EPOS Manager

Over 10 years experience in Epos and part of a hospitality dynasty - her family have been in the industry for over 30 years! Mummy, book worm, wedding planner and massive softie. Dreams of emigrating to New Zealand one day and is a county champion swimmer and former lifeguard.

Stephen Stockton

Finance Manager

Originally from the North East but has been living in Manchester for 5 years. Has worked in various industries including construction and software development (but is now obviously in the best industry!). Can help you with anything financial. Loves accountant jokes.

Daniel Taylor

Graphic Designer

Loves United, Star Wars, Macca and dogs.

Aisha Ahmed

Assistant Management Accountant

Started off as an apprentice within finance but still needs a calculator to add up. Loves a good selfie (or 10) and can't say no when it comes to a pair of shoes!

Liz Reid

Assistant Accountant

Yes to skiing and not boarding!

Jayne Brady

Executive Chef

Jayne has been in the industry since she was at school and has worked at some of Manchester's finest establishments. She loves hats, ale and whisky, is obsessed with Kylie and has a growing collection of Monopoly boards.

Andrew Blackburn

Finance Director

There's nothing funny about Andrew, he's an accountant. But his surname is Blackburn, he lives in Blackburn and he supports Blackburn Rovers. Bit funny?

Jake Newton

Print Operative

Print and ink 'fo lyfe' - another Man United fan, but also a Star Wars and Marvel geek so that makes him cool. Most of his student debt was spent in Hula.

Jos Mills

Business Development Manager

Social butterfly, shoe collector, bootcamp babe. Email her on

Alix De Ruijter

Area Manager

Lesbian, loves Vic.

John King Wilson

Area Manager

Loves a meal deal and getting his money's worth. Don't piss him off at traffic lights.

Lauren Gunson

HR Manager

Gin lover, dreams of owning a dog, loves to travel to new places and take a few snaps along the way. Obsessed with all things cheese!

Rebecca Heyes

Social Media Executive

Loves a good Snapchat, a 5am gym sesh and a well organised lunch. Photographer and videographer on the sly.

Mike Clough

Senior Print Operative

The best thing to come out of Burnley, loves a hoody and a beer.